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Based on a true story about the Monterrey industrial little league team and young man Ángel Macias’ determination to win, without realizing he was pitching a perfect game. Macias’ gift for the game of baseball led to commentaries referring to him as Mexico’s Babe Ruth and performance of the boys from Monterrey garnered notoriety and an invitation to the White House. Former presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon were U.S. Senators when they met this team which managed to attract the attention of many people in the U.S. their journey from obscurity to notoriety was later captured in the film Little Giants with the team this time playing in front of the movie cameras. Continental Distributing, Inc. wanted the team to tour the u.s. promoting the film by selling tickets, but little league baseball considered this an exploitation of players and did not grant permission. Little Giants did not become a success at the box office. In 1960 and 1961 NBC broadcast the film to a very receptive audience with a new title, How Tall is a Giant? directed by Academy award-nominee screenwriter, Canadian born Hugo Butler. He worked as a journalist and playwright before he moved to california in 1937 and wrote thirty-four screenplays through his career. Hugo Butler and his wife Jean Rouveral were married in 1940 and soon after that, he served in the U.S. Military during WWII. Both of them were black-listed by the studios in the 1950s and moved to Mexico where they lived for 13 years. Credited as Phillip Ansel Roll, H. B. Addis, Hugo D. Butler, Jack Jevne, and Hugo Mozo, Butler also co-wrote two scripts with legendary director Luis Buñuel, Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (Aventuras de Robinson Crusoe) made in 1952, and the Young One (La Joven) made in 1960. Butler died of a heart attack in 1968. In 2000, he was posthumously given official credit by the Writers Guild of America for the scripts he wrote under other names.

Saturday, July 23, 10:50 am, Rigler
Sabado, 23 Julio, 10:50 am, Rigler

Documentary Features
Information Buy Tickets Now – $12
New 35mm subtitled print created by the Academy Film Archive, Academy
of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences™; Los Angeles Latino International Film
Festival; and the Film and Electronic Arts Department of California State
University, Long Beach.
Director Hugo Butler (as Hugo Mozo)
Screenwriters Hugo Butler, Edward Huebsch (originally as Eduardo Bueno)
Producer George P. Werker
Director of Photography Walter Reuter
Editor Giovani Korporaal
Music Rodolfo Halffter, Rosalío Ramírez
 Cast Ángel Macias, Francisco Aguilar, Claudio Brook, Baltasar Charles, Juan Contreras, Alfonso Cortes, Rafael Estrella, César l. Faz, Pedro Galván, Gerardo González, Irving Lee, José Maiz, Roberto Mendiola, Mario Ontiveros, Fidel Ruiz, Enrique Suárez, Norberto Villarreal
Film Language Spanish
Subtitles English
Film Year  1960
Run Time  100min

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