High School Film Festival

LALIFF2008 YouthProgram Photo By JC Olivera (13)

These bright youths, who are highly observant of their surroundings and filled with abundant thoughts and feelings, are natural storytellers. They are able to create works that represents themselves, their peers, their backgrounds, and unique outlooks of the world. The High School Film Showcase is a celebration of these promising artists their creative efforts.

This showcase is welcomed to all high school students throughout the US. Each film submitted is reviewed and critiqued by a board of educators and film professionals. The most promising works are compiled into a ninety-minute program. Invitation is open to all students and members of the community. The youth filmmakers whose works have been selected will have the equal opportunity as their professional counterparts do, guiding discussions about their experience and work. This is a special event where the students can witness their work displayed in a professional theatre surrounded by an audience of their family and friends. The students here see the success of their determination and creativity and the immense support that is rooting for their success.