Luisa Crespo

Luisa Crespo currently holds the position of Executive Director of the Academic Senate at the University of California (UC), Irvine, and possesses several years of professional experience in the UC system.  Prior to assuming the duties of Executive Director, Luisa brought distinction to herself in her work with the UCLA Academic Senate, and with research programs at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute & Hospital.  Her educational background is in Latin American Studies, but Ms. Crespo has also published short stories and poetry.

Ms. Crespo began working with the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival in 2008 organizing a panel discussion on immigration issues bringing together immigration activists with filmmakers whose projects presented local and global immigrant stories. As part of the educational programs for 2009 Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival, Ms. Crespo organized A Conversation with Filmmakers, an event that featured three talented directors and producers whose films had been selected for the Festival with students and faculty from Los Angeles City College and UCLA. Ms. Crespo remains steadfast in her commitment to advancing the Latino International Film Institute’s educational programs.