Youth Program

Our pleasure and service for the community, the Youth Program began in 1998 with the mission of improving literacy, rates of high school graduation, and building greater cultural harmony through the creative arts. The program has grown exponentially into a thriving exciting course that has served over 15,000 students from the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and surrounding districts.

The tireless work of LALIFF is presenting to our community films that are innovative and unique, in their narratives and cinematic expression. The youth program assists in building a future comprised of artists who can develop such works.  By serving as an avenue of education and motivation we provide young at risk students gathered from all three levels of education—Elementary School, Middle School and High School the opportunity to grow imaginatively. With consistent mentoring and providing proper technical resources prior to the festival we educate and demonstrate to the students narrative and cinematic production. Listening, working, and engaging with these students has demonstrated they are excited to create and illustrate their stories, significantly in their own visual and narrative methods.

Our program serves to expose the students to events that offer both inspiration and knowledge. Our Speaker Series, High School Film Showcase, and Performing Arts Workshop further educate the students in the art and industry of cinema as well as the avenue to commemorate their works. The students experiencing our youth program understand better the art form and how it serves to express who they are, the professionals and events we present enlighten what the process is toward achieving their aspirations.

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