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Program 3
Sunday, May 24th 5 PM PST


Flesh is about how women are seen as bodies at disposal, judged as time passes as meat cooking stages. Through the form and texture of real materials such as paint, watercolor, clay, 35mm film and virtual image decomposition as glitches and datamosh, five women are represented in animation by women animators to highlight the perverse way in which society looks at them.


Director(s): Camila Kater
Year:  2019
Length: 12 min
Country: Brazil, Spain
Notable Festivals: World Premiere at the Locarno Film Festival.




Camila Kater is a director, animator and production designer. Bachelor of Medialogy with undergraduate sandwich in Film and Television Production by Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge, UK). She served in stop-motion productions as animator, art director and puppet maker in shorts such as “Apple The Trial” (2013), “Flirt” (2015), “Indescribable” (in progress); and as an art and animation assistant on the feature film Bob Cuspe, We Do Not Like People (in production) from Coala Filmes. “Flesh” (2019) marks her directorial debut.