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LatinX in Animation Joins LFI and Plans Exciting Events for LALIFF 2019

LatinX in Animation Joins LFI and Plans Exciting Events for LALIFF 2019

Expanding its reach into the animation, VFX, and gaming industries, the Latino Film Institute (LFI) has partnered with LatinX in Animation (LXiA), an organization founded in 2018 by Magdiela Hermida Duhamel and Bryan Dimas with the goal of creating a network of Latinx professionals working in these fields.

Over the past few months, thanks in part to its monthly networking events, the group of talented individuals from across multiple studios and a variety of career paths has rapidly grown to become a major player in the fight for representation in media. LatinX in Animation is helping the collective career advancement of our community by building bridges with studios and providing spaces for creators and emerging talents to connect.

By championing and showcasing diverse voices, LXiA hopes to inspire a new generation of artists to pursue careers in animation and related areas.

 “The lack of Latinx voices and diversity in general steams from growing up in a world with only a few animated characters that look like us. Seeing yourself on screen is very powerful to a child and the child in all of us. Not seeing yourself on screen or on a creative, executive or production role subliminally tells your brain that you are not meant to play any of those roles,” said Duhamel regarding the significance of representation.

As their efforts solidified and their membership grew in numbers, Duhamel and Dimas reached out to Rafael Agustin, Executive Director of LFI, to lay out the ground for LXiA to be part of the LFI family. In March 2019, the young organization officially joined the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival (LALIFF) and the Youth Cinema Project (YCP) as a Signature Program under the LFI umbrella.

“This opportunity will help our organization in several ways, most importantly becoming part of a non-profit organization that has strong leaders like Edward James Olmos, Rafael Agustin, and the rest of the Board of Directors of LFI,” said Dimas about the union that will enable LXiA to continue flourishing.

LFI will provide LatinX in Animation with an operating budget each the year, which will allow them to implement programs and offer opportunities to its members and beyond that they simply didn’t have the resources to execute before.

As part of LFI, LatinX in Animation will interact with the institute’s other programs to build an ecosystem of mutual support and talent crosspollination.

Starting with LALIFF 2019 (July 31-August 4), LatinX in Animation will be present with two special events: a Q&A panel with an industry guest speaker and an animation workshop. In addition, the group is currently working with Youth Cinema Project to develop an animation curriculum to implement in their program, which provides access to visual storytelling to underserved communities across California.

Details about LXiA’s two programs at LALIFF will be announced in upcoming weeks.