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Thursday, August 1


Under the moniker of Loyal Lobos, LA-based singer and songwriter Andrea Silva crafts raw, alt-folk songs that break convention. Imbued with a hazy melancholy, Silva mines personal experience, the melodrama of latin telenovelas, and memories of a childhood growing up in the countryside of the Colombian capital to create poetic, painterly music that makes sweeping allusions to love, sexuality and femininity.


Silva was first introduced to music through her kindergarten teacher who made her the soloist in the choir for every funeral and school graduation. Her natural musical abilities were soon recognized by the community and her family, who then allowed her to get guitar lessons and continue to grow her talent. Music became her first and most important outlet to deal with emotions. She later moved to Los Angeles at age 18 to pursue music and there, Loyal Lobos was born. After performing in numerous bands and experimenting with different sounds, she found the essence of her solo sound and in 2016 wrote the music that would become her debut EP, “The Fall”.


Loyal Lobos discards simplistic pop narratives and traditional folk story arcs, turning instead to sounds and words that conjure images, textures and situations specific to her life. And yet – as with many great songwriters – this specificity is used as a way to explore emotional themes that resonate both deeply and broadly.


In the aftermath of failed relationships, whilst sofa surfing and seeking solace in Los Angeles, Silva began to write songs that describe love and heartbreak but refuse to slip into the inertia of all-consuming sadness. The resultant tracks have formed a sonic journey laced with harmonic and textural gifts that describes a far-reaching, complex sense of loss, reflection and recovery. “I enjoy feeling sad as much as feeling happy” says Silva. “People forget that being sad is so important, we just neglect it. It strips you naked and you lose your ego, and that’s when you are faced with reality. Almost all of my songs are a screen-shot of a meaningful period of my life.”


Loyal Lobos is continuing to work on new music, and in 2019 will release her debut album.