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In 1973 by pure chance, the eleven year old Miguelito was discovered singing in the San Juan airport by the legendary New York record producer Harvey Averne. Within the year he went from the slums of Manuel A Perez, to recording an album with some of the finest salsa musicians of the time to finally performing with Eddie Palmieri at Madison Square Garden in front of 20,000 people. And then he simply disappeared.


Miguelito takes on the form of an upbeat road movie travelling through Latin America, uncovering the memories of those who were effected by his music and short-lived career. Featuring performances from Papo Lucca’s La Sonora Poncena, Nelson Feliciano, Maximo Torres, Malo Malo and many others, this is a film that celebrates the musical and cultural depth of the Caribbean as well as revealing a story of a once forgotten ‘Salsero’.


Director(s): Sam Zubrycki
Year:  2019
Length: 93 min
Country: Australia
Notable Festivals:Margaret Mead Documentary Film Festival; Antenna Documentary Film Festival (Winner best australian doc); Oaxaca Film Festival (Best documentary); Raindance Film Festival; Cartagena International Film Festival; San Juan International Film Festival; Festival of the Docks San Sebastian.





Sam Zubrycki is a filmmaker from Australia who has been working in the arts industry for over ten years. He has been involved in a range of productions from feature films to reality television and has also worked on a number of international co-productions. He directed the short documentary “L’Artigiano” that was selected for competition at the Antenna Documentary Film Festival,  Sydney. He was the editor on the short drama “Driftwood Dustmites” that was selected for competition at the 65th Berlinale Film Festival. Miguelito (2019) is his latest feature documentary.