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  • Taking Stock of LALIFF 2018 as We Set Sights on the 2019 Edition

    With an expanded vision aimed at highlighting even more Latinx and Latin American talent than ever before in multiple artistic fields, 2018 marked the stellar return of the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival (LALIFF)—an indispensable platform for the appreciation, exhibition, and development of our community’s artistic ambitions at ...

  • LALIFF’s Short Films Tell Hugely Relevant Stories in Bite-Size Form

    Audiences seeking to explore bold and inspiring content created by Latinx filmmakers beyond the great selection of features at LALIFF, will find a treasure chest of stories and idiosyncratic visions in the festival’s Short Programs. Experimental works, hard-hitting dramas from rarely seen regions, and even animated narratives, comprise a curated ...

  • Latinx Bands and DJs to Score the Festival as Part of LALIFF Music Series

    Picture Credit: JC Olivera (Instagram: @jcolivera) For the first time in its long history of championing emerging talent, LALIFF will include a new section focused on Latinx musical acts that are pushing boundaries and reinventing traditional genres with modern sensibilities. Each night during the festival, the Hollywood Roosevelt will transform in...

  • US Latinx Voices Break Out at LALIFF 2018

    Works by Latin American filmmakers are always present at international festivals, sometimes in abundance, simply because government incentives and opportunities for both emerging and established talent are available in many foreign countries. However, for US-born Latinos or those who work stateside, the same doesn’t apply because those financial ...

  • Undocumented Storytellers Take Over Hollywood Via LALIFF Art

    Under attack by the anti-immigrant rhetoric that plagues the highest circles of power, young undocumented creators have embraced budget-less filmmaking to fight generalizations, ignorance, and the unrealistic standards they are held to because of their status. Undeterred by their circumstances and armed with their stories, these artists are tacklin...

  • LALIFF’s Resurgence is Reshaping the Festival’s Legacy for Today’s Latinx Generation

    The Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival (LALIFF) is back, and its return aligns with the wave of change that has engulfed the entertainment industry in recent years. Increasingly present in every conversation about content creation, the demand for representation has started to question those in power about the stories being portrayed and...