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Stoned Breakups

Thursday August 1 – 9:15 PM

Writer Daniel F. Pérez gets really high and opens up about a tragic east coast romance and breakup as a group of sober comedians reenact it.


Director(s):  Benjamin-Shalom Rodriguez
Length:  7 min
Country: USA



BENJAMIN-SHALOM RODRIGUEZ (or simply, “Ben”) is a gay, Mexican-Israeli-American Jew, filmmaker, and comedian. If you suspect he feels guilty all the time…you’d be correct!

He’s OBSESSED with break up stories. His first two fest circuit shorts were about a couple that keeps fighting over petty things until they just stab each other, and his first screenplay about a guy who plans a (super extra) flashmob proposal for his boo that never shows up (the script landed him in the top 7 for Robert Rodriguez’s Rebel Without a Crew…#HumbleBrags).

Ben came out as an artist late in life. Prior, he was an assistant to the producers of Django Unchained, a talent manager in Miami to telenovela stars, and a features exec at a Lionsgate/Pantelion-backed prod co. Eventually, a TV pilot based off his first web series got him into the Fox Writers Intensive, so he finally emerged from the closet, quit his exec job, crashed on an air mattress in a relative’s living room, and built a whole new life…

Since, he’s won awards, written/directed sold out shows at Comedy Central Stage, released more web series, written for the CBS Diversity Showcase and got into the ABC and NBC sponsored NHMC TV Writers Workshop. He’s also proud to be a filmmaker mentor for Latino Film Institute’s Youth Cinema Project, and a founding member of the gay Latinx writers collective, The Clubhouse.


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