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12, Some Streeet, 12550 New York, USA
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Tropa Magica

After receiving their blessing from Los Tigres Del Norte, East L.A. badasses Thee Commons metamorphosed into new stage outfit Tropa Magica. Still consisting of the *chunster* Pacheco brothers and their signature psychedelic *cumbia* fusion, Tropa Magica boasts a “troop” of new “magical” sounds, now having added a second guitar and organ keys to their repertoire. Tropa Magica will make their grand debut but welcomed return to Downtown L.A. in March. From there, with most of the year ahead of them, and given their successful track record, the tropical sky’s the limit.


Members:  David Pacheco, Rene Pacheco, Branden Santos, Jason Juarez , Davis Lukrich.
Music Genre:  Psychedelic Cumbia Fusion.
Country: East LA, USA
LALIFF Date:  6/20 – Opening Night Headline.
Other Relevant Info: Upcoming music releases / shows: Releasing an EP in June, a single in the Summer, and an LP in the Fall. They’ll be playing Desert Daze Festival in the Fall around the album release. Anecdotal Stories: The band has stories about meeting Los Tigres Del Norte for the first time, breaking piñatas on stage, taking acid at the pyramids in Mexico and more. Let me know what your thoughts are.


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