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This year, LALIFF audiences will experience an art installation in the TCL Chinese Theater lobby focused on undocumented filmmakers’ stories. This art installation is only possible because of our collaboration with CultureStrike, a nonprofit that empowers artist to dream big, disrupt the status quo, and envision a truly just world rooted in our shared humanity.

Con Camaras Y Sin Papeles

A Decade of Undocumented Visual Storytelling.

About the installation:

For the past decade, undocumented filmmakers have been telling their stories with little to no budget. From documentaries to sketch comedy to experimental videos, these visionaries did not need any papers to document their experience as undocumented creatives living in the U.S.

About the artists: 

CultureStrike, a national organization that empowers artists and social justice movements to dream big, in collaboration with artist Rafa Esparza is putting together this video installation with works from undocumented and formerly undocumented story tellers who use this medium to tell their stories.

Highlighted videos:

2007- “Lost And Found” by Tam Tran (Los Angeles, CA)
2009- “Almost American” by Marcos Nieves (Los Angeles, CA)
2011- “Undocumented & Awkward- Episode 2” by Jesus Iñiguez (Berkeley, CA)
2011- “Ask Angy” by Angy Rivera (New York, NY)
2012- “Shit People Say To Undocumented Youth” by Marco Vinicio Galavi, Shashi Bhuiyan and Nadia Habib (New York, NY)
2012- “Limbo” by Nancy Meza, Erick Huerta and Berenice Bautista (Los Angeles, CA)
2012- “Travel Light” by Luna X Moya (Brooklyn, NY)
2013- “Madurando” by Frisly Play (New York, NY)
2013- “The Org” by Undeportable Productions (Los Angeles, CA)
2016- “Undocumented Tales” by Armando Ibanez (Paramount, CA)
2017- “Metamorphosis” by Claudia Suarez (Oakland, CA)
2017- “La Lucha De Jose Torres” by Fernando Lopez (New Orleans, LA)
2017- “The Perfect Immigrant” by Javier Lopez Quintant (Berkeley,CA)
2018- “The Immigrants Rebuilding Houston” by Seth Hernandez Rongkilyo (Los Angeles, CA)
2018- “UnDACAmented” by Erendira Parra (Irvine, CA)