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Lupita Infante

Tuesday, May 5th 9PM PST


Lupita Infante, a first-generation Mexican American is the granddaughter of Pedro Infante (1917-1957), an icon of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, and daughter of Pedro Infante Jr. (1950-2009), a singer and actor in his own right. Lupita grew up under the shadow cast by the untimely passing of her father and grandfather. Eventually, the family’s losses inspired Lupita to develop her own talents and pursue a career in music. (NEXT LINE) She grew up loving and deeply respecting everything that makes Mexican music special, which is why her commitment to paying tribute to the greats – including her own family – is a central theme throughout her recorded and live performances. However, she believes in the power of progress and bravely questions some long-held traditions: Can a woman wear traje de charro pants on stage? Yes! Can a woman serenade a man? Absolutely! Always, her intention is to connect the genre to contemporary fans. Along the way, she has emerged as an artist with her own identity, capable of honoring the past while celebrating the present and creating the future.