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Horror Highlights: SCREAM Casting, BOKNERS ASS CINEMA, Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival

Jonathan James

Daily Dead

May 12, 2022

Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival's Horror Lineup:


Blood Red Ox! - Amir and his boyfriend Amat are invited to the South American rain forest, but a pleasant visit to Bolivia quickly takes a bizarre turn as Amat starts having strange visions and loses his mind over the ghostly presence of a giant blood red ox. Amir must save Amatf rom paranoia, but he quickly realizes he can't trust anyone or anything because he might also be losing his mind. DIR Rodrigo Bellott. CAST MazinAkar, Kaolin Bass, Andrea Camponovo

Perfume de Gardenias -A dramatic dark comedy smeared with Caribbean grease. DIR Macha Colón. CAST Luz María Rondón, Sharon Riley, KatiraMaría, Carmen Nydia Velázquez, Flor Joglar de Gracia, Milagros Ortíz, Abner Rivera

The Shape of Things (SciFi) -In a dystopian city that resembles Lima, Peru, Teo, a twelve-year-oldboy, works with his father Luis maintaining a strange machine meant to generate rain over a severely droughty city. Luis, obsessed with making the machine work, puts the machine at risk in the face of constant embargoes and threats from authorities. Teo, seeking to help his father, gets involved with a gang of young spies led by twin brothers, Raiza and Baca. Teo's new experiences make him question his father's life's purpose, and secrets about the machine come to light. DIR V. Checa. CAST Fernando Bacillio, Lorenzo Molina, Paulina Bazan, Jeremi Garcia, Jose Flores

Short films:

Abuelo, I’m a Vampire, Mama Retreat, Neon Phantom, Puzzled, Reparations, and Something in the Garden.

To learn more and attend the festival, visit: http://laliff.org/